Regulatory knowledge
takes you a long way – regulatory intelligence
takes you all the way.

In every pharmaceutical or biotech project, our mastery of the regulatory steps helps you save time and money. And with regulatory intelligence, we transform our vast experience and knowledge into new business opportunities for you. By treating your regulatory affairs as a business critical factor, we help you bring your product to the market faster. We also identify new possibilities that may positively influence your project’s path to authorization or your product’s life-cycle. That’s more than good business. It’s intelligent business.
Do you have a launch plan for your product? How about from a regulatory point of view? And have you considered all quality aspects for your market? By making sure you have made all the necessary system and regulatory preparations, we can help you save both time and resources.
In every pharmaceutical or biothech project, mastering the regulatory steps is key to saving time and money. But the regulatory landscape is ever-changing. What the guidelines state today may not be the reality in a few years or even months. By staying updated you look into the future, and plan for the right actions at the right time.
Can deciding on a regulatory strategy plan, or being better prepared when going for scientific advice at the Agency, make a difference for your pharma project? Yes indeed. Asking the right questions, and identifying which risks lay ahead, allows you to explore the advantages of different paths and take risks only when you choose.
A key factor to your market access is pricing and reimbursement. At Sofus, we offer both strategic and hands-on assistance in pricing and reimbursement issues. We guide you through the Nordic pricing systems, aid you with patent expiries and can act both as advisors and handlers of your price applications. Here as well, our foresight and knowledge of the ever-changing pharmaceutical market will make sure you stay one step ahead.